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The foam party originally started in Ibiza Spain in 1932, we have been operating all over Europe for 15 years and in 2007 we have brought it to Hawaii.
A foam party is a social event in which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine.
For safety reasons, the foam is generated from non-toxic, non-staining, hypo-allergenic solutions.
Our foam concentrated comes from Spain (worlds best foam), the foam is not malicious for your skin or eyes or any other part of your body.
Participants may wear bathing suits or beach attire, snorkeling goggles.
Many participants arrive fully clothed, and some then partially disrobe as the party progresses, while others remain fully clothed.

We need water supply, about 40 gallons/hour of water will be used. Hot water is a plus. And we need a 110V/15amps outlet.
After party we will clean up the foam left over and water.
The inflatable pit wont leak any water to the outside.

For multiple items, we offer package deals.




Product Information:


The foam fluid - is specifically designed and made for the purpose of foam parties. The foam is non-irritant to the skin or eyes, will not damage clothes or flooring materials, has no odor and is not slippery or sticky (unlike soap). We also have Dermatological test data regarding its safety for general use.

Water - Once the fluid is turned into foam only about 5% of the foam will become liquid as it dissolves. The rest will remain as foam and evaporate or be carried out on peoples clothing.

Customers Clothes - People partying in the foam will experience a humid, or dampness on their clothing, depending on how long they remain in the foam and where they are standing relative to the machine. The foam will not damage or discolor clothes.

Broken Glass - as an important safety factor we ask the venue to serve all beverages in plastic cups (if possible) so as to prevent any injury from broken glass. Alternatively, if we operate a specific 'foam area', security must ensure no glass is carried into this area.

Electricity - we require two 13amp sockets or one 16amp socket (this cannot be from a extension lead.

Clean-Up - the best way to clean up after a foam party is by removing as much of the bulk of the foam outside and cleaning up the floor with a wet vacuum. In a warm environment the foam will disappear.



  • Cannon Foam (shoots the foam 20-30 feet away on the crowd - Ibiza Style)

  • Avalanche Foam (the foam is dropped as an avalanche in the center of the dance floor from the highest point of the ceiling)

  • Snow Parties (see snow party link)

  • Dry Foam (A especial equipment will shoot the dry foam (styrofoam) 20-30 feet away on the crowd - Ibiza Style)

Note: You can choose to have the pit inflatable or not. Its 20X25 feet and anti-slippery) - Inside of this pit fits 200 people.



Available Packages:

  • Package: 2  Hour Rental. (minimum) - Includes delivery, setup, breakdown, and operator and supervisor + insurance.


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